This page lists jQuery plugins that I’ve created. jQuery is a Javascript Library that is very helpful for Web Developers in creating websites. It is one of the most flexible and useful libraries out there, today.

Like jQuery itself, all plugins are open-source, dual-licensed under MIT and GPL. Feel free to choose whichever license you prefer and use them wherever you’d like.

Plugins are developed on a need-basis and are updated/enhanced the same. Most plugins do get re-iterated simply because one developer might have needed a similar functionality but could not quite find an existing plugin that accomplished their desired goals. If you find something not working correctly or feel that you have a suggestion that would make it work better, please leave a comment or email me. The chances of your suggestion getting used or the issue resolved is greatly improved when you provide detailed information, or, even better, an example.

If you’d like to use one of the plugins but haven’t worked with jQuery itself yet, I recommend starting with the Learning Center. It provides a quick overview – from the very basics to using and writing plugins. If you are already experienced with jQuery and need to look up certain methods, the API browser may be helpful.