Well, sorry to have been away for a spell. A lot of things have changed for me recently.

First off, I got a new job for a large marketing firm locally. Started last week and it’s been pretty cool and busy. I’m enjoying it a lot and the job is a really cool one. Cool co-workers, cool environment and fast-paced work. Oh, and did mention that we are located on the tarmac of the KC Downtown Airport?! Is that not cool or what? I get to see private jets take off, local news stations’ helicopter pop in and out, oh, and not to mention the fighter jets and bombers that buss the airfield. Totally awesome.

Second, my previous employers made sure to get their money’s worth out of me before I left, a couple weeks ago. I guess that’s a good thing. ???? It was hard leaving but I’m glad I did. The place was awesome and I loved the people I worked with, but I needed to move on. So is this profession of mine.

What do I do, you may be asking. Well…. stuff like my own website. I’m a Software Engineer, with a good helping of Flash/ActionScript Developer, all accompanied by a dash of sarcastic whit.