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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 | 2:31 am

All I have to say is "WOW"! I just finished the game after playing it intermitently for the past 4-5 days. The game was well put together and very compelling.

I loved the storyline, the cinematics and combat. I won't say that I was the best coordinated Jedi… saying that I was even a moderately good Jedi would be generous, lol!

I can honestly say that I went through the entire game without using one cheat code. That's probably a first for me with a console game.

To be completely honest, I don't think I can come up with the words to express how amazing this game was. The physics engine, the graphics engines, et al were amazing. I loved the dialogue and the cinematic feel that the game gave. I'll admit, I bought the Sith Edition. But, I don't know if there was a whole lot of difference between it and the regular. Oh well, I'm still pleased and will be watching the cinematics for grins.

Tune in for other game critiques and gossip!

Where, oh where, have all the PS3’s gone?

Saturday, February 27, 2010 | 7:02 pm

I just spent the last hour in an futile attempt to track down a PS3. I first went to a GameStop, no luck. I then tried going to a Best Buy (that called 3 other area stores), no luck. After that, I braved The Mall and went a couple stores there, including another GameStop, again, no luck. I then went to a Target, who, unsuccessfully, tried 2 other stores, all no dice. I then called 2 Wal-Mart’s, nothing, all out.

After this disappointment, I came home. And then a lightbulb went off. “I’ll try the ever-in-stock NewEgg” … was I surprised to “Auto-Notify” beside each of the PS3 versions…

What has the world come to when a gamer can’t get his fix, I ask you? It’s inhumane! It’s unscrupulous! It’s devilish! It’s… it’s…. genius marketing. ????

There’s only been one other time that I’ve seen a shortage of game consoles, and especially of the Playstation variety. When there is one of two things coming down the pipeline. Either a new model is about to come out, i.e. PS4 or, at the least, PS3.5. Or, and the far more likely, it’s a plan to drive up hype to get even more interest in the best console out on the market today.

There has been a standing rivalry between the Playstations of old and every other console that has come out. Even when the Playstation was the new kid on the block, it was coming up against the big dogs. The original Nintendo, the Sega Genesis/Saturn/Dreamcast. The Playstation outdid them all and is still growing strong.

Even when pitted against a massive monster like Microsoft with the XBox, then the XBox360, Playstation still held its own.

So, what would make a Gaming giant like Sony pull back on manufacturing and distribution of these beloved consoles? Maybe they aren’t. Maybe Sony isn’t behind any of this. Seriously.

It would be heralded as a brilliant marketing move, but, if truth came to light that this was all a planned marketing scheme, there would be a huge backlash. The only thing that would temper such a backlash would be the release of, either, a new system or an upgraded current system. i.e. a new PS4 or a PS3.5.

Personally, I think we gamers are to blame for my current suffering. Over the holidays, a whopping 1.36 million PS3 consoles sold. Think about that for a second. That many being taken off the shelves in a relative short period of time has now caused a shortage. (And my suffering. Have I mentioned that yet?)

Sony’s communication boss, Patrick Seybold, was quoted:

We’re working very hard with our retail partners to meet consumer interest, but the demand is tremendously high for the PS3 and we expect tight inventory in the coming months…

There’s no telling how long this “tight inventory” might last, but this is one gamer that is hoping it won’t be long. One good thing to come away from this shortage is the fact that the PS3 is continuing to grow in popularity, even challenging the XBox360.

So, now that my rambling has come to an end, I must go a stare at the games that I bought earlier today in the hopes that I will be able to find that gleaming, illusive prize called a PS3.

Star Trek Online: Part Deux

Thursday, February 4, 2010 | 1:00 pm

Wow, it’s been a while, huh? I’ve meant to post more often but this last month has been h-e-c-t-i-c. For those in the know, I was selling my house and (cheers for me) it sold last week. I tell ya, moving from a house to a third floor apartment, up 2 flights of stairs, is not fun. My back was killing me for the better part of the last week.

Now that my excuse-making is out of the way, to good stuff.

STO, or the non-game savvy, Star Trek Online. I have to say, the game is better than what I had thought it would be. I was afraid it would be nothing but an FPS with NPCs telling you what’s going on. Thankfully, this isn’t the case, at least not entirely.

The best part of the game for me, thus far, has been the space combat. The maneuvering and handling of your ship is actually quite intuitive. If you’ve ever played a space-based game, then you’ll really enjoy this.

Granted, I’ve only been playing since Sunday and only for maybe a grand total of 8 hours, but I’ve managed to struggle to the high rank of Lieutenant 4. That’s “newbie” status, FYI. There are 6 ranks: Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Caption and Admiral. Each rank has 10 levels which you have to progress through to get to the next rank. So, basically you have about 60 levels.

Now, all this praise of the space combat and flight doesn’t mean that the ground content is bad, far from it. In just my 4 short levels I’ve battled Orions, Klingons, the Undine and, oh yes, the Borg. Let me tell ya, none of them were easy. Ok, maybe a little at the beginning, but that’s just so you get hooked and keep playing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Keep an eye out here for more updates on my trek to strange new worlds, while I meet new civilizations and find new life.

Star Trek Online

Friday, December 11, 2009 | 4:03 pm

It’s about time a new Sci Fi MMO came out! I like fantasy-based MMOs and all, but I’m definitely a Sci Fi guy!

From what I’ve heard, the game looks to be pretty cool. Imagine being your own Capt. James T. Kirk or Capt. Jean Luc Picard. At the command of your own starship exploring strange new worlds and seeking new civilizations! I know there are some out there that are already having their own personal nerd-gasm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But what if you don’t want to be a stuffy ol’ Federation dog? Well, you’re in luck. You can also be a Klingon Warlord for the Empire! Seeking out your own glory and honor.

You’ll get to visit distant and exotic planets and systems. Establishing communication and contacts with new worlds.

Ok, I know every geek has had the green woman fantasy, right? No? I’m the only one? No way. You can tell me…. Ok, fine.

I know you’re lying. But I won’t tell anyone.

Sadly, there may be Orion Slave Girls… but you don’t get one.


You get to make the decisions. You make the choices that determine if your crew lives or dies. Do you save an alien race? Do you cause an interstellar incident? It’s up to you.

Do you get in massive fire-fights? Do you vanquish your enemies for the glory of the Empire?

It’s up to you.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 | 11:10 am

Another in the long line of Star Wars games.

Well, that’s how I’ve heard it described by some. Me? I don’t think that’s how it is going to be. With the amount of time that this game been in Alpha, it’s shaping up to be an awesome game…. at least that’s what I’m hoping. Bioware has had this game under development now for almost 6 years. I’m beginning to think that it’s just another “mythical” game. You know what I’m talking about. All the games that many of us followed for years, waiting with bated breath on it’s release, only to get the news that it will never be.

Hopefully, the Force willing, this will not be one of those games. And I don’t think Lucas Arts will let it become that.

“Why” you ask? Well, namely because SW:TOR is now the only saving grace after the NGE (New Game Experience) that came to Star Wars: Galaxies. Many left and ridiculed the game after this, and many loathed LA and SOE.

star_wars_the_force_unleashed_2 LA did have the hit console game “The Force Unleashed.” This was a semi-saving grace for LA. I’ll admit, I had thought about buying an Xbox360 solely for this game. The graphics and utterly awesome physics engine behind this behemoth is simply amazing. But I’m getting off point.

SW:TOR is, by all the preview videos and screenshots that I’ve seen, shaping up to be an awesome game. Even in alpha, the graphics look amazing and the content already seems amazing. The scope and level that cooperation between players and classes, thus far, is taking gaming to a new level. The complete holding of conversations and true (and realistic) interactions with NPCs is simply stunning. Now, the pessimist in me is saying, “Yeah, but that is all probably staged and edited to the hilt to make it look unbelievable awesome.” I’m hoping this isn’t the case. I want to believe that the videos I have seen of the development and testing of the game is true and, to a point, unedited.

All in all, I really can’t wait for beta to begin. And I think that is the one thing that bugs me more than anything else. Others and myself have been following this game now for almost five years and the game still hasn’t gone into any beta phase. Even with all the complexities that will obviously go into this game, it’s sad to see that it still hasn’t gone to beta, yet. It seems like Bioware is living up to its reputation of in-house over-testing before they even go to beta. I believe this is a heinously bad approach. Beta is a time for new and old gamers to come in, test, explore, and, yes, break a game. But it’s also a time for when those gamers get to gather info for that day when the NDA is lifted and they can spread the word of the game.

In the end, Bioware will go to beta and we will all finally get to see the new additional to the Star Wars family of games. Let us all hope that it’s not later, rather than sooner.